Princess Mia is back!

The Dom House is very happy to announce that Princess Mia is back! It’s been a long ride but after going separate ways for a while, we realized we just belong together!

The best part is that you can now book sessions with her through our Booking page and schedule doubles and triple Domme sessions.

A throwback to our last photoshoot as Gangster & Detective in our Domme World

More than Dommes, we’ve been more than friends for years, and we just got back to our senses to do what we do best: DOMINATE!

Princess Mia and Miss Envy having a lovely afternoon, planning your demise.

This is your time, enjoy the three of us in an explosive experience that will shape the way you see FemDom and kink.

Another way to Locktober
Let’s not forget how Princess Mia knows the sweet spot between Girl Next Door and Evil Princess.

Luxury Dungeon, Luxury Tributes

Established servants get to lock old tribute rates until January 2022

The Dom House has moved to a beautiful, fully equipped Dungeon in Seminole, FL.

As we evolve, we see ourselves improving and moving on to better things, therefore our rates are raising to be able to continue providing the best domination services in the Bay area of Florida.

We love and appreciate our established clients, and if you are one of them, you will be able to lock your original tribute rate until January 2022

All new servants can see the new rates here

Lady Eulaila & Lady Lycan are visiting The Dom House’s new Dungeon in Tampa Bay, Florida

lady-lycan-portrait copy

Lady Eulaila & Lady Lycan are visiting from New Orleans, LA

This explosive FemDom duo is visiting The Dom House's new location in Seminole, Florida in the Tampa Bay area. They are highly skilled and love to play with Good Boys and Girls who are in need of some punishment.

Some of their favorite ways to play but not limited to are:

Impact Play

Shibari Rope Bondage

Sissification and Crossdressing

Mommy Domme Play


Very limited spots available, request a BDSM Session NOW

Dominatrix in Tampa Bay, THE BDSM EXPERIENCE

I’m Mistress Rogue, Dominatrix in Tampa Bay, Florida and I’m about to tell you everything about it.

What’s a Dominatrix? What is it like to have a Session with a Dominatrix and what is it not?

What is BDSM?

BDSM is an acronym for the subculture in which people practice a variety of kinks and fetishes such as Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission as well as Sadism and Masochism. These are all part of BDSM but don’t necessarily have to be related to each other or be practiced all at the same time.

I discovered BDSM by pure coincidence over a decade ago and ever since, I’ve been studying and mastering the techniques and secrets of the Art of Being a Dominatrix. I believe I am by far the youngest Professional Dominatrix in the Tampa Bay area in Florida with a Private Dungeon with only 28 years of age.

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It’s warm and comfy in here, Mistress

I’m an educated woman. I speak multiple languages and have emotional intelligence. Every servant that comes to my door has a heavy reason to be in front of me. It is still a huge taboo topic of discussion, and about 90% of my servants come to me asking for discretion because, in their regular day-to-day lives, they can’t have anyone knowing their desires and cravings to be dominated by a Mistress.

Why should I see Dominatrix?

There are many reasons to seek a Session with a Professional Dominatrix. A lot of people don’t know anyone remotely interested in their kinks, they don’t have the time to invest in building a deep relationship with a Mistress or they simply seek relief from time to time. Either way, seeing a Professional Dominatrix has many advantages.

Judgement Free Zone

The first of many advantages is that by entering the Dungeon, once the Session starts, there is not one bit of judgment in the air. You can tell your Mistress anything you have been hiding in your mind for so long, you can’t even remember. All those things you can’t tell anyone in your conventional social circle, you can tell me.

Safety through professionalism

The second biggest advantage is that you are in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing. The risk of getting an injury is very low. Depending on what type of play you are doing, your Mistress will make sure you are in a safe environment. You’ve probably heard of the “safeword” system, and probably think that those are just for the bottoms or servants, but in reality, a good Dominatrix or Dominant in general will know when to call it quits on a scene if it is too intense for the bottom.

Reaching Subspace

The goal or climax seeking in a BDSM session is for the Bottom to reach “Subspace” which has been described as a “high” from the endorphin rush you get from certain practices such as Impact Play (Playing with whips, paddles, floggers, spanking) and other triggers alike. Everyone experiences Subspace differently.

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Another perfect reason to see a Dominatrix is to simply get to know your limits. A professional Dominatrix can guide you through the limits of your own mind and physical capability to push yourself through pain and in a way, find yourself.

Too scared to see a Dominatrix

Getting the courage that it takes to book a Session with a Dominatrix is not easy. A lot of you are still trying to gather the guts to book. Maybe you are too scared or nervous to let go of your ego and fear of being judged.

I want to tell you, from the bottom of my evil sadistic heart, that there is nothing to fear. I’m not a cruel monster that will start hitting you as hard as I can as you come in the door. See me as your therapist. I am here to ease the pain with more of it, done the right way. It is a highly addicting practice. And when you reach your point of exhilaration, it is impossible to stop coming back. I will push you little by little, smoothly enough for you not to be able to notice the crescendo.

I don’t care what you look like or what you do for a living. All I care about is your behavior, your manners and your ability to follow instructions. I am also very discrete. All information shared between the two of us will remain private, no matter what.

What does not happen during Sessions?

As you can see, Domination is all about psychological power exchange, discipline and lots of fun. The same way I tell you what I do, I will tell you what I don’t. And I do not, by any circumstance allow any full body worship. Domination is not about sex. Professional Dominatrixes don’t have sex with their servants. We are Goddesses to admire and serve, not objects for pleasure. Those you only see in the movies.

I will be covering a lot more topics about my life as a Dominatrix in Tampa Bay, etiquette and a lot more details about my lifestyle.

Spank You Very Much! You can find me on Fetlife