A Professional Dominatrix Explains Everything You've Ever Wondered About BDSM


Cover for Subspace Magazine

November 2023 issue

Featuring: Mistress Rogue

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DOMCON New Orleans Guest of Honor

DomCon is now in its 20th year and is"The World’s Premier Professional and Lifestyle Domination Convention". The convention is the result of Mistress Cyan’s dedication over the years to bring a better understanding of BDSM in The Adult Alternative Lifestyle and to bring the BDSM, Leather, Fetish, and Professional Communities together to share our common interests, celebrate our diversity, and promote awareness through education and social interaction.

I had the honor to be invited as their Guest of Honor for their New Orleans convention in 2022. It was a pleasure and a heartwarming experience.


Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)

Mistress Rogue of Florida is a passionate dominatrix who can see the scene in a cinematic way, with the setting, the story, and the emotion coming to the forefront in each scene. Her love of latex is also a part of her life as this powerful Latina takes her place in your mind and heart. Join the wonderful conversation with HiThereCatsuit in this episode.


The Weekly Hot Spot

There are lots of personal stories about being a real human person who is also a Femdom Mistress.

Each Mistress has a unique path. Mistress Rogue shares about her BDSM kink journey:

The relationship between a Mistress and her submissive can be intense and powerful.

This BDSM kink podcast episode has insights into:

** How a Femdom creates a kink or power exchange scene
** The importance of a Domme being able to read her submissive in a session
** BDSM scene negotiation before the scene
** Sub drop and Domme drop

Mistress Rogue brings up the importance of boundaries, rules, safe words, medical conditions, and triggers. Ms Olivia points out that these are the types of questions that an experienced Mistress will ask.

The ladies talk about scenes that were challenging or confusing at first. For example, Mistress Rogue mentions her initial fear of sounding and how she learned to love it. This leads to a conversation about erotic humiliation, intense edge play, and the unique transformative experiences that BDSM sessions can facilitate.