In Person Sessions

You can meet any of our House members in person by requesting an in-person session

Serve in person

Public Sessions

Whether indoors or outdoors, over dinner or coffee, experience Femdom outside of the Dungeon

Serve in Public

Online Sessions

For those who are unable to serve in person, you can serve online

Serve Online
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One Mistress

1 Hr - 300

2 Hrs - 550

3 Hrs - 800

4 Hrs - 950

Two Mistresses

1 Hr - 550

2 Hrs - 950

3 Hrs - 1400

4 Hrs - 1750

Three Mistresses

1 Hr - 800

2 Hrs - 1500

3 Hrs - 1950

4 Hrs - 2200

Four Mistresses

1 Hr - 1000

2 Hrs - 1800

3 Hrs - 2600

4 Hrs - 3500

The Tribute list above is meant to work as an example.

All BDSM Sessions are different and the final tribute amount will vary depending on the Session Concept and the Dominatrix you would like to serve.


Sessions for Couples

Are you a couple and curious about BDSM and how to experience it in your intimacy? Maybe you want to spoil your partner to a BDSM experience, or you are looking to be guided by a Professional Dominant to help your partner.

Couples are welcome and recommended as a therapeutic experience.

1 Hr Session - 400

2 Hrs Session - 650

3 Hrs Session - 850

4 Hrs Session - 1000

BDSM Lifestyle Coaching

BDSM Lifestyle Coaching is a new way of domination.

Mistress Rogue offers a special, Full Power Exchange Dynamic, in which you are to be guided towards an enhanced lifestyle.

Depending on your goals, Mistress Rogue can help create good habits with scheduling, personal training, and workout routines, with in-person or online progress check-ups.

Mistress Rogue will show no mercy and discipline you, even if this means forcing you to exercise and diet properly. You can change your life in a healthy, kinky way.


Ready to submit?

We are ready, but are you?


Long-term Commitment

This would be the best option for a long-term servitude commitment BDSM relationship.

If you are looking for a long-lasting relationship with your Dominant, there are packages that fit your budget and work better for both parties.

Some of the following tribute scenarios are examples and are only available for a limited time due to COVID-19 and the great struggle that this pandemic has brought to the world. Prices vary depending on which Dominatrix you desire to form a BDSM contract with.


1 Hour Meeting, 3 times a month with one House Member - 800

1 Hour Meeting, 4 times a month with one House Member - 1000

2 Hour Meeting, 3 times a month with one House Member - 1500

2 Hour Meeting, 4 times a month with one House Member - 2000

For this type of commitment, 100% of the tribute must be given in advance and would renew the following month.

Public BDSM Sessions

Sometimes, Femdom is more fun outside the Dungeon. Endless possible venues to visit.

This is where Domination meets the casual eye. Whether you want to keep it casual or take it to a whole new level, you can experience the Female Supremacy power by taking a Mistress out on a luxurious dinner or camouflage your adventure during a coffee date.

Either way, we will own you.

Dinner or Coffee Dates start at 200 and you will, of course, provide the food and/or drinks to be enjoyed by our exotic Mistresses.

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Side to Side FemDom

Everything is better with friends, even BDSM. Whether you and your partner both want to immerse yourselves in subspace, or you're simply best friends, this is your chance to experience such delight.

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Side to Side (STS) Tributes

1 Hr STS - 700

2 Hrs STS - 1100

3 Hrs STS - 1550

4 Hrs STS - 1900

Request a Session

Fill out a form request when you are ready to experience the next level domination The Dom House has to offer


Parties, Performances & Private Events

Whether you want to experience FemDom for a Bachelorette Party, a private event, or your group of kinky friends, you can now Book a Dominatrix for events that involve more than 2 guests at a time.

Such special events include a personalized experience, one on one interaction with some or all guests, kinky games, role play, demonstrations of skills such as Impact Play, Bondage, Electro Play, Candle Wax Play, and much more.

You can also book more than one Dominatrix, making the experience more intense and dynamic. We have many tricks under our sleeves to make your event unforgettable and unique.

Our professional submissive is also available to join our shows. For the voyeurs in need.

Show tributes are per Dominatrix

30 min to 1 Hour Show - 600

2 Hour Show - 1000

3 Hour Show - 1500

4 Hour Show - 2000

5 Hour Show - 2400