In Person Sessions

You can meet any of our House members in person by requesting an in-person session

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Online Sessions

For those who are unable to serve in person, you can serve online

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One Mistress & One Servant

By far our most requested type of session. Experience a very private experience with the Dominant of your preference through a one-on-one Session whether it is at our Private Dungeon or at your preferred location.

This is perfect for both novice and experienced servants. There are many ways you can serve a single Dominant during a one-on-one session.

1 Hour Session - 300

2 Hour Session - 550

3 Hour Session - 750

4 Hour Session - 900

Additional Hour +200



Two Mistresses & One Servant

Double Domme Sessions are the second most popular type of sessions requested.

Experience a very custom experience based on your limits with two Dominants of your preference.

1 Hour Double Session - 500

2 Hour Double Session - 900

3 Hour Double Session - 1300

4 Hour Double Session - 1700

Additional Hour +400

Three Mistresses & One Servant

Triple the trouble. The best option for a thrilling rush of adrenaline, if you can take it.

Serve Three Dominants at the same time, if you think you can handle it.

1 Hour Triple Session - 850

2 Hour Triple Session - 1400

3 Hour Triple Session - 2000

4 Hour Triple Session - 2600

Additional Hour +600

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Four Mistresses & One Servant

Serve Four Dominants at the same time, but be careful, you might not be able to stop coming back!

1 Hour Quadruple Session - 1100

2 Hour Quadruple Session - 1700

3 Hour Quadruple Session - 2500

4 Hour Quadruple Session - 3300

Additional Hour +800


Sessions for Couples

Are you a couple and curious about BDSM and how to experience it in your intimacy? Maybe you want to spoil your partner to a BDSM experience or you are looking to be guided by a Professional Dominant to help your partner.

Couples are welcome and recommended as a therapeutic experience.

1 Hour Session - 400

2 Hour Session - 650

3 Hour Session - 850

4 Hour Session - 1000

BDSM Lifestyle Coaching

On the other hand, BDSM Lifestyle Coaching is a new way of domination.

Mistress Rogue offers a special Full Power Exchange Dynamic in which you are to be guided to a better lifestyle.

Depending on your goals, Mistress Rogue can help create good habits with scheduling, personal training, workout routines with in-person or online progress check-ups.

Mistress Rogue will show no mercy and discipline you, even if this means to force you to exercise and diet properly. You can change your life in a healthy, kinky way.


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Long-term Commitment

This would be the best option for a long-term servitude commitment BDSM relationship.

If you are looking for a long-lasting relationship with your Dominant, there are packages that fit your budget and work better for both parties.

Some of the following tribute scenarios are examples and are only available for a limited time due to COVID-19 and the great struggle that this pandemic has brought to the world. Prices vary depending on which Dominatrix you desire to form a BDSM contract with.


1 Hour Meeting, 3 times a month with one House Member - 800

1 Hour Meeting, 4 times a month with one House Member - 1000

2 Hour Meeting, 3 times a month with one House Member - 1500

2 Hour Meeting, 4 times a month with one House Member - 1500

For this type of commitment, 100% of the tribute must be given in advance and would renew the following month.

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