Step into my lair and experience real ecstasy through submission

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The following rates are a baseline, the final tribute will depend on your requests, complexity, and preparation time.

One on one Sessions

1 Hour +$400

1 ½ Hours +$600

2 Hours +$700

3 Hours +$1000

4 Hours +$1400

Each additional hour +$350

Sessions for Couples

1 Hour +$600

1 ½ Hours +$900

2 Hours +$1000

3 Hours +$2000

4 Hours +$2500

Each additional hour +$500

Overnight Rendezvous

Enjoy the pleasures of spending the night locked up in the Dungeon with me with in a 12 hr long experience.



Domination Retreat

Get away from the world and drop all the responsibilities your daily life brings by surrendering for an entire weekend.


Fly me to you

I enjoy traveling and dominating you at your expense. A minimum of a 3-hour session is required for arrangements within the US and a minimum of 5 hours for international traveling.


Online Sessions

Submit to me through texting, phone, and video call sessions from anywhere in the world. I'm available for texting, phone calls, and video calls here

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Online Playspace

Maybe you're not ready to meet me in person or through direct communication yet and that's understandable as I know I can be quite intimidating. However, you have a few options to engage with me from afar.

Disclaimer: I do not engage in illegal sexual acts. I operate on a CFnm scenario (Clothed Female, naked male). I do not offer oral or sexual services of any kind. I am not an Escort.

Any requests of said nature will be immediately discarded, blocked and blacklisted.