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After following instructions through the booking process, we'll meet and present each other at the chosen location.

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We'll talk about boundaries, limits and desires within the phychological power exchange that is about to happen.

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And then, time to let go and enjoy the Session you've been waiting for. Nothing else matters now but our connection.

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Why Deposits Are A Must

Planning Sessions and preparing for them take time, effort and money. To ensure time and resources are not wasted, we require a small deposit or booking fee to make sure you are serious about us. Reputation is everything to us, we will not, by any means take 50 bucks and disappear. It's not worth it.

Etiquette & Protocol

It must be clear who is in charge around here. No member of The Dom House will put up with bad attitude and disrespectful acts. We reserve the right to kick anyone out mid-session who dares to behave disrespectfully.

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Book Now

Now that you know the basics, fill out our Session Request Form and sit tight while we plot something amazing for you.