The End of an Era


A story of feminine power, friendship, and adventure


Once upon a time...

The Dom House was founded in 2019 by its Head Mistress, Mistress Rogue. It was a lifestyle project and an exploration outlet that turned into a successful house of Dominatrices in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, USA.

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The Dom House's first Dungeon opened its doors in 2019 and provided a safe space for exploration, education, and teamwork. Challenging Mistress Rogue to think out of the box, push the limits of a different lifestyle, and most importantly, chase the pursuit of happiness.



The Dom House was originally an idea that brought together three aspiring Dominatrices: Mistress Rogue, Goddess Particle, and Goddess Switch.

Mistress Rogue has trained, coached, and collaborated with over a dozen Dominatrices in and outside of Tampa Bay, Florida such as Madam Maeve and Dominus Ryenne, who joined the house in 2020 but parted ways shortly.

Princess Mia and Miss Envy joined the house as Mistress Rogue's apprentices in 2020 and together quickly ruled the Tampa Bay Femdom scene and continued to grow at an impressive pace even through the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Goddess Particle

Princess Mia

Miss Envy

The Dom House became the Femdom Hub for in-person BDSM Sessions

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2021 was a huge success, bringing new apprentices to the house

Lady Eulaila

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Lady Lycan

lady lycan


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Lady Eulaila, Lady Lycan, and Madam Hexx all trained under Mistress Rogue's tutelage, but all quickly moved to other cities to pursue their dreams separately.

Queen Gia Love

Queen Gia Love joined the house in 2021, adding the wrestling side of Femdom into The Dom House for a perfect mix of sensualism, power, and personality.


The Dom House's Third and current Dungeon 

2022 solidified The Dom House members, which evolved into a group of experienced Dommes who took over the Bay with a luxurious Dungeon location.

Miss Envy became The Executive Mistress and altogether, we thrived through ups and downs together.

Goddess Kyaa

Goddess Kyaa joined The Dom House in late 2022, she is an exceptional Dominatrix with over 15 years of experience in Femdom. She played a huge role in introducing a new vision to The Dom House's Headmistress.

Miss Arden

Miss Arden joined The Dom House as an apprentice in 2022 and graduated to become a Professional Dominatrix, Filmmaker, and Photographer through Mistress Rogue's mentoring program.

Empress Oshun

Empress Oshun joined The Dom House as an apprentice in 2022 and is currently enrolled in Mistress Rogue's Dominatrix Bootcamp education program and is expected to graduate in 2023

The Dom House's origins tell the story of a group of women who worked hard together to achieve success.

The Dom House has hosted several professional Dommes such as:

Simone Justice

Mistress Diva

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Lady Mara Leigh

And The Goddess Girls

The Dom House has hosted male content creators and lifestyle kinksters such as Master Joshua, Rodrigo Amor, and Chase Seven, making the go-to Dungeon space for content creation and photoshoots.


It's been an epic adventure

A truly unforgettable life experience

And The Dom House will continue to grow and expand and evolve into a bigger concept.


The Dom House is proud to announce its evolution into a timeless brand.

We will always be grateful and honor our original members and the role they played in our story.

The Dom House will continue to operate as a local Dungeon and a venue, welcoming providers from everywhere in the world, we will continue to hold sessions in a new location starting in May of 2023.