The Dom House is a secret luxury destination only a few can visit. It is only open for rentals to Professional Dommes and other members of the industry such as Content Creators, Filmmakers, and Photographers.

Premier Equipment

Content Creator Equipment

Your rental includes an 18" ring light with RGB color capacity with a phone holder for constant lighting for easy shootings with your smartphone or camera.

General House features

  • Full Kitchen with elegant sink and black and gold decorations to match the vibe.
  • Balcony area with outdoor seating furniture and extra-large steel cage.
  • Garden Tub for luxurious bath time.
  • Voice-activated Smart Lighting with millions of colors to choose from.
  • Premium Spotify access with easy voice-activated Alexa Speakers.
  • Handicap accessible building
  • 100% smoke-free location (vaping is allowed)
  • Conveniently located near Madeira Beach, FL