How to connect with me at a personal level

You're reading this because you found me and are interested in connecting with me, meeting me in person, playing, serving, collaborating with me, etcetera.

This is the right place to start.

My craft is everything to me, I could spend countless hours explaining to you everything that I do from the moment I wake up, to the moment I go to bed, to achieve the level of connection with the Arts of BDSM that I embody. But that would take away from the message I am trying to convey.

The more time I spend developing myself, the more surreal and fantastical experience I can create to share with you. Why? Because it's magical. I would rather give you an unforgettable experience than an average experience.

This is why I can't simply respond to you on a one on one basis unless I can feel your support. Supporting my craft is the way you keep this going. I can only be so artistic as my fans demand. I need you to take us in this adventure together. Your financial support is what allows me to do this with you in the first place. It's for you.


I am currently building my dream: Cinematic Femdom Films. In the process of making that dream come true, I am considering submissives and servants who directly affect my progress towards that goal.


In person sessions:

In my lifestyle goal of dominating the world, this is my main Quest. I have moved through the crowds of the world and finally enjoy the journey through indulging in in person sessions.

I can't really achieve my goals if I am injured, hurt or otherwise physically and emotionally challenged, therefore I carefully vet every person I see, to ensure that I stay safe.

This is why, everyone without exception, must fill out my servant application form. This is where it gets serious. You are meeting me, we are going to see each other and feel the energy exchange between us. You must follow these instructions.

I love traveling and part of my life journey is visiting other places and playing my kinky lifestyle. So, you can fly me to you and we'll make this happen.


Filming: back to the main Quest, we have what I call my Dream. I'm very passionate about playing in person and I want that passion to be reflected on the art that I make, filming is my art. I am open to collaborations with other performers. But when I say that, I mean that I am looking for submissives that can perform and not just participate in a scene and be awkward on camera. Someone who understands that filming is a creative process that takes hours and often a whole day to achieve and more time to craft, write and polish. You must be healthy, patient, and passionate. If I can't portray passion, why am I even filming this for? My goal is to make you feel me through the screen when it's not physically possible to meet, yet.


Fansites: And of course. The main Quest heavily involves seducing you. It allows you to feel me in your own body. It's pure fire and I love pouring it all over you.

Subscribing to my fansites or buying my films is the perfect way of serving me from afar. Trust me, when I take over the world, then you'll be mine forever.

Serve Me, Enjoy Me, Tribute Me


But let's say you want more. Let's just say you're the slave of my dreams and you've found me, but I haven't found you yet. It's a real big sea of people in the world. Let's say you want me to own you and everything about you, for real.

Well... There is a clear standard that I go by and require of my personal servants and you must prove yourself in order to enter my world sideways.

You must support my life financially. This is what a servant does. You ensure my safety by covering immediately important financial challenges in my life. This puts you in the most important position in my life.

Money. Assets. Time.

If you have any of those, and pass a very strict training protocol, then you can be mine.

I'm a businesswoman.

I'm a Dominatrix.

I'm an artist.


What will you do, to be mine?